Individual Members:

Anyone becomes an individual voting member of the International Union when (s)he agrees in and signs the IU-Objects, is approved by the Executive Committee, and pays the annual subscription. (About the SUBSCRIPTION and how to pay Click here!)


Corporate Members - two options:

Full Corporate Membership  -  with right to vote.

Any Organization, Group, Society, etc. becomes a voting Corporate Member of The International Union when its chairman or another authorised member of its board on behalf of the organisation signs the IU-Objects, the corporate membership is approved by the IU-Executive Committee, and the annual subscription is paid. (About SUBSCRIPTION and how to pay Click here!)

Associate Corporate Membership - without right to vote 

Organizations, Groups, Societies, etc., who do not wish to become a Corporate Member with right to vote, but wish to confirm their sympathy with the Objects of the Union, can sign a statement to that effect, without any subscription charge or any other obligation.


All Members

- receive the "IU-Newsletter" occasionally (Associate Corporate Members get it by e-mail; other members will get a printed copy by post).

- are authorized to use the logo of the Union when at the same time they mention their membership of the Union.

- are counted as Members of the Union thereby strengthening the image of the International Georgist Union.


Members - with the right to vote (Corporates and Individuals) will further

- receive the magazine "Georgist Journal" (half yearly),

- are entitled to join, speak and vote at the General Business Meetings of the Union.