Contributors to the debate on FREE TRADE (click on the line you want to read):



Ole Lefmann, in The Georgist Journal, No. 90, 1999


2)  World Trade Organisation and Free Trade by

Godfrey Dunkley, in Land and Liberty Spring, 2000


3)  About the words "free trade" by

Barbara Sobrielo, in IU newsletter, November 2000


4)  Straight talk on Free Trade by

Harry Pollard, in The Henry George Institute's Website


5)  Thoughts on Free Trade by

Margaret Harrington e-mail of 23 February 2001


6)  The "Free Trade" Question by

Lindy Davies, in The Georgist Journal, No. 93, Spring 2001


7)  ATTACk on Free Trade by

Ib Christensen, in Land and Liberty, Summer 2001


8)  Free Trade and Globalisation by

Michael Curtis, at the IU-Conference, Edinburgh, Summer 2001


9)  Let's take back the Term "Free Trade" by

Shirley-Anne Hardy, in The Georgist Journal, Fall 2001


10) A WTO with New Visions by

Dr. Christian Friis Bach, in his book "The Global EU", November 2001


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