PAPERS by LVT-advisors:



Winston S. Churchill, Member of the Parliament of Great Britain


"On Land Monopoly"

Speech made to the House of Commons on May 4, 1909.



Godfrey R A Dunkley, Past President of the International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade:


"Report to the Portfolio Committee on Finance, Cape Town"

Description of the benefits arising from collection of tax on land-values and removal of the "tax wedge".


"Land Value only fair rating base"

Asserts that general funds should come from all businesses and individuals enjoying the advantages arising from all the various factors provided by the totality of the community.


G R A Dunkley has written the books:

"That all may live - Guidelines towards a better society" - 1990 

"Land Tenure: A time bomb ticking in South Africa" -

Both are unsold from the publisher, but available from: Godfrey Dunkley, 10 Constantia Close, Muizenberg 7945, Republic South Africa. Phone/Fax: 027 21 788 6015. E-mail:



Fred Foldvary: Professor


“The Key to Peace is Rent” - Rent: The final economic frontier.

Palestine / Israel



Mason Gaffney, Professor Ph.D.:


"Property Tax Reform in the Big Picture"

About the period of 17 years after California in 1978 passed Proposition 13, thereby rejecting taxes on inert wealth in favour of taxes on liquidity and cash flow.


"Opportunities for International Financial Centres in the 21st Century"

Experiences achieved by studying the tax competition between the 51 States of America having free mobility of labour and investments.


Mason Gaffney has written many books (Ask: ALTAVISTA to find Mason Gaffney, World Wide, English)

Here are to mention:

"The Corruption of Economics" - 1994 - Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd. (See PUBLISHERS Click here!)

"Land Speculation and the Business cycle" - - Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd. (See PUBLISHERS Click here!



Alanna Hartzok, Co-director of “Earth Right Institute”, Philadelphia:


Citizens Dividend and Oil Resource Rent”

A Focus on Alaska, Norway and Nigeria                 



Dave Wetzel, Vice-Chair Transport for London, and President of the UK’s Labour Land Campaign


“Mauritius Times is right to examine the land question”

Why introduce Development Land Tax with the bad effects that have been experienced in Britain?