NEWSLETTERS and MAGAZINES on Georgist matters and concerns

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In English language:

American Journal on Economics and Sociology Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, US

Earth Rights Review Earth Rights Institute, US

Economic Monitor School of Economic Science, UK

Equal Rights Henry George Foundation of America, Center for Study of Economics, US

The Geonomist The Geonomy Society, Jeff. J Smith, US

Geophilos Land Research Trust, UK

Georgist Journal The Henry George Institute, USA, and the International Union, UK

Georgist News Hanno T Beck, US

Green Revolution School of Living, US

Groundswell Common Ground of USA, US

Henry George News Henry George School of Social Science, New York, US

Incentive Taxation Center for Study of Economics, US

International Registry of Georgist Organisations, Henry George Institute, US

IU-Newsletter The International Union, UK

Land and Liberty Communiqué Henry George Foundation of Great Britain, UK

Practical Politics Land ValueTaxation Campaign, UK

Progress  Prosper Australia, AUS

Quicksilver Henry George School of Social Science, San Francisco, US

Turning Point 2000 James Robertson, UK


In Dutch language:

Grondvest Stichting Grondvest, NL


In Danish language:

GEORGE Den Danske Henry George Forening, DK

Ret og frihed Danmarks Retsforbund, DK

Retsliberalt Tidsskrift Retsliberalt Forum, DK


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